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New Practice Members

Well-Tuned to Patient Needs

From your first interaction with the Musnik Chiropractic Health and Wellness team, you’ll feel cared for and understood. Dr. Avrum Musnik approaches each patient as an individual person with unique needs.

Your First Two Visits

Neck xray comparisionBefore you ever incur costs, Dr. Musnik will assess your needs through a spinal screening. Through this 10-minute clinical evaluation and conversation, he’ll gain an understanding of your needs and determine if he’s able to help resolve your concerns. If so, and if you wish to accept care, you’ll then complete some paperwork and have a full consultation with exam, x-rays, and thermography.

At your second appointment, Dr. Musnik will offer an individualized report of findings, recommend a strategy of chiropractic care to meet your specific needs, and outline financial plans.

Ongoing Care

By your third visit, you’ll begin to show signs of improvement. In addition to ongoing assessment and adjustments, you’ll be invited to participate in consultative workshops to help you better understand the basics of getting well—and staying well.

Taking Ownership of Your Health

Dr. Musnik wants to help you get healthy quickly and develop ongoing wellness strategies. He’ll encourage you to participate fully in your own treatment by learning all you can about basic healing, stress reduction, and power nutrition. In addition to these workshops, you’ll have an opportunity to engage in specialty sessions for particular needs, such as arthritis, neck problems, and sciatica.

We look forward to providing you with an exceptional experience at every visit. Schedule a same-day appointment!

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