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Dr. Avrum Musnik has been changing the health of families through crafting effective, quality, and custom chiropractic care plans that get results. Discover the natural benefits that have changed thousands of lives.


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Musnik Chiropractic Health and Wellness

Get to know Dr. Avrum MusnikHoward Beach Chiropractor Restores Health

Dr. Avrum Musnik understands your pain, and he can help you get well—starting today.

Results oriented and an effective problem solver, Dr. Musnik offers care to a diverse group of practice members, each of whom has unique needs. As an expert practitioner of the elite Pierce Results System, he’s seen dramatic improvement, in even the most difficult cases.

A Holistic Approach With Rapid Results

Dr. Musnik uses a combination of thermography, x-ray and wave analysis, chiropractic adjustments, and patient education to bring about rapid healing in his practice members. By eliminating blocks in the nervous system, called subluxations, his practice members experience improved physical and mental health.